VERZASCA, along with its partners and affiliates, and through its founder Claudio Politi, have been involved in the development of real estate projects for over 25 years. The company has been one of the most prominent groups in the development of retail and shopping centers.

It has successfully participated in the development, planning, expansion and renovation of over 30 shopping centers all over Brazil.

VERZASCA was also responsible for establishing the British private equity fund SQUARESTONE in Brazil, in 2007. Together, they have formed the joint-venture that acquired 100% of the assets of Shopping Bonsucesso, in Guarulhos, SP, as well as 50% of Golden Square, in São Bernardo do Campo, SP, both in 2008.

The professional and aggressive performance in the administration, renovation and expansion of Shopping Bonsucesso, with additional investments of over twenty million reais after its acquisition, have made both revenues and total assets increase considerably, over 3 times its initial value.

This successful partnership led to Squarestone Brasil becoming a public company in 2010, joining the stock market (AIM) in London. It also resulted in a partnership with the BTG Pactual and with the American equity fund Walton Street Capital, when the company acquired the other 50% of Golden Square Shopping, which was opened in 2013.

Acrescentar "In 2013, the joint venture Squarestone - Verzasca sold Shopping Bonsucesso to the General Shopping group, and Golden Square Shopping to the Ancar Ivanhoe group, obtaining profits far over the original forecast."

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Claudio Politi is Brazilian (also holds Italian citizenship), engineer, graduated in 1978 from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, and awarded a certificate in Business Administration and Marketing from Fundação Getulio Vargas.
He has worked in the United States, as CEO of Julio Bogoricin Real Estate Corp, where he was responsible for real estate developments in New York, Chicago, Puerto Rico and Toronto.
He was also an executive director for Cia. De Patrimônio Imobiliário and Júlio Bogoricin Imóveis S.A., and founder of Gulf Desenvolvimento Imobiliário, of Datapol Lógica Imobiliária, of PCA - Planejamento,Coordenação e Administração, and of Topic Lógica Empresarial, all successful companies in the real estate development area, and especially shopping malls.
He was also the first Chairman of Squarestone Brasil, and its consultant and Country Partner.
Claudio Politi uses his extensive network to identify unique market opportunities, putting together the necessary partnerships for the development of real estate projects, in order to exceed all profits expectation.

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Claudio Politi é brasileiro (tendo cidadania italiana), engenheiro, formado em 1978 pela Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, com cursos de extensão em Administração e Marketing pela Fundação Getúlio Vargas.
Atuou nos EUA, dirigindo a Julio Bogoricin Real Estate Corp, tendo sido responsável por desenvolvimentos imobiliários em Nova York, Chicago, Porto Rico e Toronto.
Foi diretor executivo da Cia. De Patrimônio Imobiliário e da Júlio Bogoricin Imóveis S.A., e sócio fundador da incorporadora Gulf Desenvolvimento Imobiliário, da Datapol Lógica Imobiliária, da PCA - Planejamento, Coordenação e Administração de Empreendimentos Imobiliários, da Topic Lógica Empresarial, e da MCB&P Empreendimentos, todas empresas de sucesso no segmento de desenvolvimento imobiliário em geral e em especial de shopping centers.
Foi, ainda, Chairman da Squarestone no Brasil, tendo atuado como seu Consultor e Country Partner.
Claudio Politi utiliza-se de sua extensa rede de conhecimentos e colaboradores para identificar oportunidades únicas de mercado, formatando as parcerias necessárias ao desenvolvimento dos empreendimentos, de modo a ultrapassar as expectativas de resultados.